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Commercial Plywood Sheets

Boards India Plywood manufactures all types of Commercial Plywood Sheets. Commercial Plywood made in Kerala, owing it to its economical rates is nicknamed "Kerala Plywood". Commercial Plywood Sheets can be broadly classified into two namely:

  • Semihardwood Plywood


                  Semihardwood Plywood is a type of Commercial Plywood which is considered to be the top end quality of commercial grade plywood. It is made out of Jungle wood Core Veneer and Urea Formaldehyde resin. Some plywood suppliers call them as Premium Commercial Plywood also. They are available in all standard thickness - 18 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm, 08 mm and 06 mm. Special thickness is also made as per customer requirement which includes 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm. 28 mm Commercial Grade Plywood is used as usually used as Container Flooring and so it is also known as Container Flooring Plywood.

            Commercial Semihardwood Plywood Sheets are available in 8'/4', 7'/4', 8'/3', 6'/4', 6'/3', 7'/3', 5'/3', 5'/4' etc. We manufacture mainly two types of Semihardwood Plywood Sheets namely - Oukume Face Semihardwood & Gurjan (Keruing) Face Semihardwood. The inner core, resin and the process employed in manufacturing in both these are the same except the top layer which would be either Oukume or Gurjan Face Veneer. Oukume face veneer is whitish pink in Colour and Gurjan is reddish brown in Colour.











          This type of plywood is used for making Wall Paneling, Kitchen Cupboards, Shelves, Cots, Crockery Shelves, Furniture etc. Main features of Boards India Semihardwood Plywood are the following:

        #Smooth Surface

        #No Bending or Warpage

        #100% Semi hardwood Core Veneer - No rubberwood Core Veneer

        #Machine Dried and Hot Pressed

        #Guaranteed Thickness

        #No Patches, Blisters or Discoloration

        #Minimal Core Gaps


  • Packing Grade Plywood      


                 Packing Grade Plywood Sheets are known as Rubberwood Plywood in Kerala. Rubberwood Plywood as the name suggests is not made of rubberwood core veneer alone, it could be a mix of other wood species also. Rubberwood logs were of low-cost decades back and hence the name stuck as rubberwood plywood. Packing grade plywood is normally used for Single time and then disposed of. It is made out of comparatively low-quality core veneer, fast production and low solid content resins - owing to which it is the most economical type of commercial plywood. It is normally made out of D or D- Grade face veneer for it to be economical. 

              Packing Grade Plywood is available in Thicknesses -18 mm, 15 mm, 11 mm, 8 mm and 6 mm in 8'/4' and all other customized sizes as per customers requirement. Export grade Packing Plywood using White Face Veneer is also made as per customer requirement which is commonly used for export purpose. Boards India Plywood supplies packing grade plywood to customers all over India as per their specific needs.

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