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Wooden Planks

Rubber Wood Sawn Sizes

           Rubberwood is a light-colored medium-density tropical hardwood obtained from the Hevea brasiliensis, usually from trees grown in rubber plantations. Rubberwood is commonly advertised as an "environmentally friendly" wood, as it makes use of plantation trees that have already served a useful function.

           Rubberwood has a dense grain that is easily controlled in the kiln drying process. Rubber-wood has very little shrinkage making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture, toys and kitchen accessories. It is easily worked, and takes on stains uniformly. As with all hardwoods, rubberwood comes in varying degrees of quality.

Pine wood Sawn Sizes


         Pines are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber and wood pulp throughout the world. In temperate and tropical regions, they are fast-growing softwoods that grow in relatively dense stands, their acidic decaying needles inhibiting the sprouting of competing hardwoods. Commercial pines are grown in plantations for timber that is denser, more resinous, and therefore more durable than spruce (Picea). Pine wood is widely used in high-value carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, paneling, floors, and roofing, and the resin of some species is an important source of turpentine.

       Because pines have no insect- or decay-resistant qualities after logging, they are generally recommended for construction purposes as indoor use only (ex. indoor drywall framing). This wood left outside can be expected to last no more than 12–18 months depending on the local climate. It is commonly referred to by several different names which include North American timber, spruce/pine/fir (SPF) and white wood.

      We BoardsIndia, manufacture the following types of Rubberwood or Jungle Wood Planks.

•    Thickness - 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" up to 4", Width - 2", 3", 4", 5", 6" up to 10"

•    Length - 2' to 9'


     Pinewood Sizes are as supplied as per standard sizes available. We deal primarily in SYP and Spruce.

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