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Film Faced Plywood Sheets

                We BoardsIndia, manufacture the following types of Film Faced plywood with Hardwood Veneer Core in Moisture resistant and Waterproof Grades.

  • HD - 12 mm - 24 Kg - MR and BWP

  • HD - 12 mm - 30 Kg - MR and BWP

  • HD - 12 mm - 34 Kg - MR and BWP

  • HD - 12 mm - Chequered Plywood - Used for Truck Body and Floors

  • Any higher densified grades as per customer requirements

                   Shuttering Plywood or Centering Plywood or Film Faced Plywood is a High Densified (HD) plywood with a smooth film coating on both sides of the faces and is used primarily for cement formworks during construction.

                  Densified means that atleast 9 layers of core veneers are pressed in a high pressure pressing machine at high temperatures. 9 core veneer layers plus the face veneer on both sides plus the film layers (Dynae brand) on top of them. So it is a 1+1+9+1+1 construction pattern, which lends the plywood extra strength and load bearing capacity. 

                  The plywood is generally pressed to a thickness of 12 mm to a density of 750 Kg/ Cb.m to ensure it supports the weight of poured wet concrete. Shuttering plywood or Centering plywood is generally used to make the cast of ceiling, walls, drains, highways, pillars, formworks etc., to pour concrete in it in order to give the concrete any shape needed.

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