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What are different Plywood types available in Indian Market?

It is often a confusing process to purchase Plywood in retail shops or warehouses. Which ofcourse forces us to leave the choice of purchasing Plywood Sheets - One of the most important raw material in home construction to the so called 'experts' or to the highly priced 'Branded' plywood - which burns a hole in the buyers pocket.

We Boardsindia, with over 12 years of experience would try to shed light into this 'confusing' deal of buying plywood into a enjoyable and satisying experience - ensuring you have bought what is right for your dream home and your budget.

Let's start up the major types of plywood types available in Indian Market.

1. Commercial Plywood

2. Moisture Resistant Grade Plywood - ISI 303 MR Grade

3. Boiling Water Resistant Grade Plywood - ISI 303 BWR Grade

4. Marine Grade Plywood - ISI 710 BWP Grade

All the plywood available in the market can be clubbed under these four groups. All other words like chemical treated, chemical dipped, Redcore Plywood etc are marketing gimmicks to say the least. The price of the plywood increases from 1 to 4 with Marine Grade Plywood being the most expensive and most durable of the lot.

........................................... to be continued

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