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Commercial Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala

Updated: Jan 29

We BoardsIndia Plywood is one of the leading Commercial Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala State based in Perumbavoor. Commercial Plywood manufacturers mainly make three types of Kerala Plywood namely - Packing Grade plywood, Oukume Semihardwood Plywood and Gurjan Semihardwood Plywood. Oukume Semihardwood or Oukume Hardwood Plywood is made of mixed core veneer and face veneer in Oukume. Whereas Gurjan Semihardwood or Gurjan Hardwood Plywood is made of mixed core veneer and face veneer in Gurjan. Only difference between Oukume Hardwood Plywood and Gurjan Hardwood Plywood is the face veneer different being different. Gurjan Face Veneer being expensive, Gurjan Semihardwood Plywood will also cost comparitively more.

BoardsIndia Plywood has our manufacturing units equipped with all machines to handle the large scale production of plywood and veneers. Automated Wood Peeling machines, Hydraulic Hot Press Systems, Hot Oil based Dryers, Boilers and all other modern machinery are available ensuring effective production to customers’ demands in quality and time. With expert supervisory personnel and Stringent Quality Checks, we excel at producing high quality Plywood Sheets that are unrivaled in quality, craftsmanship and environmental sustainability.

For more information and price details please feel free to contact.

Contact Info:

Call Us: +91 89434 91135

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