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Container Flooring Plywood

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

We Boards India Plywood is the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Container Flooring Plywood. The normal thickness of Container Plywood Flooring is 28 mm and the standard size is 8'x4'. The container flooring Plywood main purpose is the protect the material stuffed in the container from damages if they get in contact with the metal flooring of container.

Container flooring plywood is also known in the market as shipping container plywood and container floor plywood. The normal grade in which container flooring plywood is made is MR or Moisture Resistant Grade. The container flooring plywood also comes in thickness of 25 mm and 21 mm as per customer requirement. We Boards India Plywood, 28 mm Container Flooring Plywood Suppliers in Kerala, makes the container plywood in Truckload basis.

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