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Hardwood Plywood in Kerala

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

BoardsIndia Plywood manufacture and supplies all types of Hardwood Plywood Sheets. Hardwood Plywood in Kerala mainly includes the following items - Oukume Hardwood Plywood, Gurjan Hardwood Plywood, Alternate Core Hardwood Plywood and Full Redcore Hardwood Plywood. Oukume Hardwood Plywood and Gurjan Hardwood Plywood are also known as Semihardwood Plywood as it made of Semihardwood Core Veneers and not exactly hardwood species veneer per se. However colloquially these plywoods are known as hardwood plywood also since they exhibit good smooth surface and bonding similar of Original Hardwood Plywood made out of real Hardwood Core Veneer Species.

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