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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

BoardsIndia Plywood is one of the leading Kerala Plywood Manufacturers based in Perumbavoor. We manufacture Hardwood Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Film Faced Shuttering Plywood, Alternate Core Hardwood Plywood, Oukume Semi Hardwood Plywood, Gurjan Semi Hardwood Plywood, Packing Plywood, Rubberwood Plywood, Marine Plywood, MR Plywood, BWR Plywood, BWP Plywood, High Densified Plywood etc.

Processing of Plywood

Plywood can be produced from any timber. But it is typically produced from soft wood, because this provides maximum value addition. In order to produce ply wood, first the bark of the timber is mechanically removed. Then the logs are cut to proper length to make wood blocks, ready for peeling. Prior to peeling the wood block are conditioned by soaking in water, heating with hot water or with direct application of steam. The logs are then peeled into thin veneer sheets on a rotary lathe. The veneers are then dried in sun or industrial heaters. Once the veneers are dry, an adhesive resin is applied to the veneers. They are then stacked together in required size, with alternative layers having perpendicular orientation. The stacked veneers are then pressed together by a hot press which cures the resins thus boding the veneers together. The panel is then sawn into standard sizes.


If you are looking for best Kerala Plywood Manufacturers then look no further!!! Boards India Plywood, based in Ernakulam, Kerala - Manufactures and Supplies all Thickness and variants of Kerala Plywood with long lasting life and Quality. Contact us through whatsapp along with your requirement for free consultation and best rates.

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