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Marine Plywood in Kerala Perumbavoor Ernakulam

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Advantages of Marine Plywood in Kerala Perumbavoor Ernakulam

  • Special grade Marine Plywood manufactured as per IS:710 standard

  • Microbial decay resistant

  • Termites and borer resistant

  • Highly dimensional stable

  • Calibrated using Dual Head Calibrating Machine for Smooth Surface

  • Marine grade glue (Phenol Formaldehyde) used for durability

  • Power bond technology used (Cross Linked Polymer Bond)

  • Excellent screw and nail holding strength


Marine plywood is used extensively as a building material in marine setting, such as on ships or at docks as it performs well in humid conditions or anywhere it will receive prolonged exposure to moisture. It is also used in Bathroom and Kitchen Walls and sub-flooring.

Highlights of Marine Plywood

Marine plywood uses high-quality resin

The adhesives used in the making of marine plywood are synthetic plastic resin which is very high in quality and it is basically, a form of Phenol-Formaldehyde which is known to have the best adhesive quality of all. Using good quality resins helps in the blocking of the moisture, keeping the wood fresh and resistant to damage.

Used in high water exposure settings

As mentioned above, Marine plywood is used mainly in places where there is a long exposure to water like a boat or in-home furniture, it is used in bathrooms, kitchen furniture and for making a wooden staircase as well. Marine plywood in Ernakulam is of very good quality as it must be used in places of water or moisture presence.

Marine plywood has excellent strength

Marine plywood is made of a very good quality resin and timber. The material used in the making of this plywood is high in quality making it easier for builders and architects to use in the making of homes too. The use of good timber makes the durability and the strength of the plywood incomparable.

Expensive compared to other plywood

Good things cost good money. In comparison with other plywood like the moisture-resistant variant or commercial plywood, Marine plywood is twice as expensive.

The price of Boards India Marine Plywood in Kerala will differ depending on the brand and the quality of resin and timber used in the making of the plywood. They also have an extraordinary finishing of the surface which can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes.

Boards India Plywood, based in Ernakulam, Kerala - Manufactures and Supplies all dimensions of Marine Plywood with long lasting life and Quality. Contact us through Whatsapp: +91 8943491135 along with your requirement for free consultation and best rates.

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