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Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala - Perumbavoor

Commercial grade plywood means a MR or moisture resistant plywood. It is the plywood generally used for domestic purposes like interior designing and home decorations.

We manufacture Commercial Plywood with different face veneers (top most layer of plywood that you see) like Gurjan, Oukume, Makkai, Solomon etc which are obtained by natural hardwood trees by means of a process known as 'Peeling'.

The main purpose of face veneer is to give smooth surface for aesthetic purposes as well as for Mica or lamination over it. In Indian Market, Gurjan face veneer is famous for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, light red colour with natural wood grains etc

Commercial Plywood Manufacturers Kerala

The important features of MR grade plywood are listed below.

  • It is an Interior grade plywood, which mean it’s for indoor use.

  • The term MR (moisture resistant) is only limited to atmospheric conditions like humidity. It has nothing to do with being water resistant. Water resistant plywood’s usually come under Exterior grade plywood.

  • It is the most common plywood used for making home and office furniture. If waterproof plywood is needed for the furniture, one should opt for the higher quality BWR (boiling water resistant) grade plywood. It is waterproof and made up of phenolic resins. They cost more than commercial grade plywood. Still, it’s ideal to use them to build furniture that are prone to have water exposed on them

  • The BIS number of MR grade plywood is IS:303.

Commercial plywood has a very high internal strength. That’s precisely why it has takers in the domestic market. It adorns most of the interiors of homes and office spaces. It is suitable for making furniture like kitchen rooftops, wall mounted cabinets, file cabinets, doors, chairs and tables used inside a room. It has to be noted that MR plywood has the highest internal strength among all grades of plywood that are available. Because of this, it is easier to wrap and fold as required for the interior decors. This makes it a robust and durable grade. The life your furniture is helped prolong by the use of proper commercial plywood.

Urea formaldehyde is the agent used for binding the layers of an MR grade plywood. However, the synthetic resin that’s used in BWR grade plywood (phenyl formaldehyde) is Eco-friendlier, for the ones who are concerned with the same.

But it should also be noted that not all commercial plywood’s are MR plywood. Commercial plywood’s range from basic grade to MR grade. The range increases with respect to factors like tensile strength, internal strength, durability, and wear and tear.

1. Bookshelves, furniture, hanging lights are some applications that come out of commercial plywood.

2. Interior designers have adapted to the usage of commercial plywood’s for home decorations because of the scope that they offer.

3. Commercial plywood’s act as great substitute to conventional interior designing elements like cement, tiles, metals, synthetic paints and various other materials.

4. They are also very cost effective when compared to their counterparts, without having to compromise on quality.

5. Because of their high durability and tensile strength, interior designers lose inhibitions in their quest for artistic conversions and extremely creative structures.


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