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Plywood Manufacturers in Perumbavoor, Kochi, Kerala

Looking for Plywood Manufacturers in Perumbavoor, Kochi, Kerala ?

We Boards India, are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Commercial Plywood Sheets, Marine Plywood Sheets, Waterproof Plywood Sheets, Skin Doors, Particle Boards, MDF sheets based in Perumbavoor, Kochi, Kerala

We at Boards India, manufacture ISI 303 MR Grade Plywood with 20% M-UF (Melamine - Urea Formaldehyde) Resin for providing extra strength and durability to plywood. The addition of 20% Melamine to the UF Resin provides moisture resistance, borer protection and good bonding to the plywood.

The face veneer is which is the topmost layer of the plywood is for providing good aesthetics and a plain surface for pasting laminates or other decorative material. We at Boards India, provide plywood with Gurjan Wood, Makkai Wood, Solomon Wood, Oukume Wood and Recon type face veneers as per our customer requirements.

Some more tips to assist you choose the best plywood in Retail Plywood Shops

Plywood Manufacturers in Perumbavoor Kochi Kerala

  • Higher weight usually indicates better quality as it will be composed of higher density wood veneers for it to be that heavy. Lift one side with your hands to check comparative heaviness between other sheets of same thickness.

  • Should not have too many gaps in between layers of veneers

Look for these in the side profile along the length and breadth of a panel. Some amount of pin hole gaps (2mm - 3mm) are allowed but too many of those should serve as a warning sign. As shown in the image below.

  • Should not have too much overlapping of these veneer layers

The lines of different layers on the side profile of plywood should be running straight. If they overlap each other too much, it is not good. Cautionary Note - Both Core gaps and overlapping are unavoidable, there will always be a couple of sheets in the lot which just don’t fit the bill but this kind of occurrence should be less than 2-3%. Therefore look for the overall consistency in quality.

  • Good Nail Holding Capacity

The strength of a plywood panel is decided mainly on its capacity to hold a nail while being used in furniture. Before buying a ply, ask your dealer to hammer in a nail (1.5 “or #14) into the edge of a plywood sheet. If the layers split on nailing, the bonding is not strong enough and will not work for furniture work.

  • Genuine Test reports

Any genuine manufacturer would have factory lab test reports as well third party test report of their plywood panels. Ask for these from the dealer before purchasing. A good manufacturer generally also offers guarantee on the panels, ask for a certificate if they have one.

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