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Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala

Boards India is one of the leading Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala, based in the plywood hub of Kerala, Perumbavoor.

In High Densified or HD Shuttering Plywood the veneers using which the plywood core is made, undergoes heavy pressure (while being hot pressed in Hot Press Machine). Specially equipped Heavy Duty, High Pressure, Water Cooled and State of the Art Hot Presses needs to be used in order to provide the necessary strength and durability. And Normal Shuttering Plywood (Undensified) simply means without Densification. HD Shuttering Plywood is commonly available in two varieties - namely 30 Kg and 34 Kg (it means each 8' x 4' x 12 mm sheet weighs 30 Kg and 34 Kg respectively)

Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Kerala

As we can could infer 30 Kg sheet has more wood content than 34 Kg sheet, hence the higher weight and strength. Another classification on the basis of Resin Used - Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) and Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF). For Waterproof BWP grade Shuttering Plywood PF Resin is used to impart water proof properties, whereas for MR grade Plywood MUF Resin is used. The reusability of PF bonded Shuttering is almost two times than MUF bonded shuttering plywood. So it is always advisable to buy good PF shuttering plywood, though initial cost will be high (which can be easily recovered from reusability).

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