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Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Kerala

At Boards India, we manufacture all types of Shuttering Plywood both in Densified and Non Densified varieties. The main question among shuttering plywood users is how to improve the durability and life of shuttering plywood (repetitions).

Size: 1220 mm x 1440 mm

Thickness: 12 mm

Repetitions: More than 14 times for Densified Sheets

TIPS & TRICKS To Improve Repetitions

  1. Store sheets in a dry, clean, well-ventilated roofed area.

  2. Avoid extreme temperature and moisture.

  3. Sheets must not be placed in contact with the ground.

  4. Separate sheets from each other with clean, dry and strong spacers of uniform thickness.

  5. After removing from the works, clean the surface, apply enamel paint to areas where the paint/film has been removed.

  6. Oil the surface of the sheets after cleaning and painting.

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