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Shuttering Plywood Types

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Shuttering Plywood aka Film Faced Plywood mainly comes in two grades namely - MR Grade and BWP Grade as per IS 4990 standards. In MR grade the resin used for binding the plywood core veneer is Melamine Fortified Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) and in BWP Grade the resin used in Phenol Formaldehyde.

Shuttering Plywood 12 mm 25 kg 30 kg 34 kg 18 mm 45 kg
Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Kerala

Depending upon repetition or number of times a sheet can be reused for construction, you may choose either MR or BWP grades. Practically MR Grade gives 6 to 8 times repetition and BWP grade gives upto 12 times repetition. Depending upon weight of shuttering plywood, it is again classified. Normal standard weights of 12 mm Shuttering Plywood are 25 kg, 30 kg and 34 kg. And in 18 mm Shuttering Plywood - 34 kg and 45 kg variants are available. Most used generally used is 12 mm Shuttering Plywood. 30 kg variant is for supporting roof construction and 34 kg for supporting beams and column constructions.

25 kg shuttering plywood variant though is cheap, has less repetitions. And practically gives a maximum of 2 to 3 repetition only. So it is always advisable to use 30 kg and 34 kg variants whenever possible so that price per repetition of plywood is very less. BWP variant is normally available in 30 kg, 34 kg and 45 kg types only.

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