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Skin Doors

Moulded raised HDF Panel Doors are manufactured from preservative treated well seasoned wood. Our door shutters are most durable and highly dimensionally stable. Our products are suitable for interior purpose but can be used as exterior purpose also by applying water proof paints at face and back of both sides of door shutters.
1. Raised Panel Designs:- We use three designs to manufacture the doors Shutters:-
    1. Two Panel.
    2. Three Panel.
    3. Four Panel.
    4. Six Panel.
2.  Type of Door Shutters: - We manufacture two types of door shutters:-
.    1. Heavy Duty:-having void area less than 35%.
     2. Light Duty: - having void area less than 65%.
3.  Sizes: - Moulded Raised HDF Panel Doors are available in modular as well as non-Modular sizes  having the thickness of the shutters 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm.
4.  Material:-
    a. Timber: - we use seasoned timber of minimum bulk density of 450 Kg/m3 at 12% moisture content for rails, stiles and core filling of door  shutters.
    b.  Raised Fiberboard Skin: - Minimum 3 mm thickness of HDF face skin is used to manufacture the door shutter.
    c.  Adhesive: - Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resign confirming to BWP grade of IS-848 is used. 
5.  Preservative Treatment: - Before seasoning timber is treated by preservative Boron compounds like boric acid and Borax.  We check the presence of preservative as per IS: 401 after seasoning.

6.  Construction: - Stiles and rails 45 mm to 75 mm is provided in complete door Shutters after sizing.   Rails and stiles are joined and filled with maximum 50 mm  width seasoned strips having upto 12%  moisture contained.  Door shutters heavy duty and light duty are having same construction only  the difference is in void area as per IS: 15380:2003.
7. Hot Pressing: - In hot pressing glued skin is assembled at the both side of sub assembly of rail, stile and filler sheets of polyurethane sheet are pressed at the both side of raised HDF Skins. It improved  the visual finish of wood grains on panel.  Assembled structures are hot pressed at suitable temperature and pressure.

8. Sizing and finishing: - Pressed sheets of door shutters are sized in length and width.  After sizing the doors are finished in primed with white primers.  Now whole lot is stacked and sampling is done   for confirmatory of lot.  After passing the laboratory test whole lots are dispatched according to   the orders.


We BoardsIndia, manufacture the following types Skin Doors of thickness 25 mm, 30 mm and 35 mm in customized sizes.

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